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Mutual funds are a versatile investment that can help meet your portfolio needs.

Find mutual funds that are right for you with easy-to-use tools, research, expertise, and managed portfolios.

What is a mutual fund?

A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that pools money from many investors and "mutually" buys stocks, bonds, and other securities. The investments are professionally managed, making mutual funds a simple way to get broad exposure without having to constantly monitor the performance of many different investments.

Mutual funds offer you a range of benefits.

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    Access a mix of asset classes, including domestic and international stocks, bonds, and commodities.

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    Low costs

    Reduce your investing costs with no-transaction fee (NTF) mutual funds from leading fund families.

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    One investment can give you cost-effective exposure to dozens—or even hundreds or thousands—of individual securities.

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    Professional management

    Eliminate much of the research, buying, and tracking of securities, as mutual funds are professionally managed.

Choose from three ways to invest in mutual funds with Schwab.

Whether you want to build and manage your own portfolio or prefer the simplicity and convenience of a managed solution, Schwab can help.

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Find and compare mutual funds on your own

  • Find and compare mutual funds on your own.

    Filter funds by category, fees, ratings, and more criteria using our mutual fund finder.

  • Build a portfolio with Schwab's wide range of resources.

    Simplify the process of identifying funds that meet your investment goals with our powerful tools and insightful expertise.

  • Choose a professionally managed mutual fund portfolio.

    Select from managed portfolios based on goals like approximate retirement date, desired level of monthly income, and more.

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